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The Unveiling of the Royal Arch Standards
For those Royal Arch Masons from jurisdictions that use the four and twelve Tribes of the Children of Israel on their standards, this lecture by David L. Gray may be of some interest. It details the intimate connection that these standards has with the four fixed signs of the zodiac, and how each systems is correct in its' own right.

The Royal Arch Banners
This paper was complied by Companion Mike Raynor and it talks about the meaning of the Royal Arch Banners and the reasons for the devices as well as the Esoteric meanings in Chapter, also the Parents of Jacob's sons. The Unveiling of the Royal Arch Standards and this one compliment each other perfectly.

The Unveiling of the Triangle
This paper by David L. Gray, talks about the possible hidden meaning and symbols behind the S&C and the Royal Arch Emblem. It is written in general layman format so anyone should be able to follow.

The Colors of the Royal Arch
This short talk covers the symbolism behind the colors of blue, red and purple and their relationship to the 12 Tribes and the Royal Arch Emblem. This is a good paper to use in conjunction with my "The Unveiling of the Triangle" and "The Unveiling of the Royal Arch Standards".

Gomer, Oz, Dabar
This essay by David L. Gray addresses the numeric/esoteric value of the Masonic Letter "G", and why it is the perfect letter to be situated in any lodge. Here is a link to a more historical account of the Masonic Letter "G".

The Purpose
In this short essay by David L. Gray, the Master takes his Apprentice on a walk through the meadows and they talk about the Absolute Working Tool.

Grand Honors
This short lecture by David L. Gray unveils the symbolism about the Public and Private Grand Honors of the American Rite.

The Royal Arch Myth
Freemasonry uses many fictional stories to convey to us a hidden virtue. In this lecture by David L. Gray, another myth is unraveled before us.

The First Black Freemason
If John Pine (born 1690, died 1756) was not the first Negro made a Freemason in England he was not far behind. He was a member of the lodge at Globe Tavern, Morgate in 1725 where his name was spelled 'Pyne'. The Paper was collected by Bro. Kenneth Gibala from various sources.

Dr. Paul Rich
Professor Paul Rich is Titular Professor of International Relations and History at the University of the Americas - This page of his site contains research papers on various subjects of Freemasonry. I'm sure you'll find them educational.

TracingBoard.COM is a exciting and fresh site. It provides information relative to our Masonic Order that was previously not to be found online and they also have current research projects going on. This site is definetely a new jewel in the Masonic Online Community.

Masonic Events in History
This page is part of the website of Bridgeport Lodge No. 181 in Ohio. This page breaks the History of Freemasonry down into many periods and within those periods gives the dates and summary of many significant events.

The Charges of a Free Mason - 1723
Commonly called Anderson's Constitutions or Ancient Constitutions - these charges should be read and understood by new Freemason and frequently ready by the Master of the Lodge to his craft.

Fraternal Associations, Fraternal Orders and Freemasonry
M.W. Frater Dr. Claude Brodeur IXo, SRIC of the Societas Rosicruciana in Canada examines what inner drives, what environmental pressures and what historic events have made it desirable for men to form fraternal associations in the past.

The Lost Word
Advanced Thoughts in Freemasonry, is a cheap way to describe this site. Get ready to pull out all your Masonic Reference books, just to follow along with these Papers.

MASTERing the Art of Learning Ritual
Bro. Graeme J Beresford offers sound advice on technique in memorizing.

Hiram's Oasis
Amazingly, over 5,600 files online to read. All readable with your online broswer. This is a one stop site to pick up something to read at your Lodge meeting or just to sit down or print out and read for your own growth and development.

Masonic Letters , Speeches & Writings
This site has nearly thirty interesting and very well put together writings on the subject of Freemasonry. It is hosted by The Scottish Rite Masonic Center of Lake Worth.

This site doesn't seem to connect very fast from the U.S.A., but once you finally do - The time spent waiting and looking at your computer screen all becomes worthwhile. Zenit has many essays and lengthy papers on Freemasonry, Symbols, Hermeticism and Esoterism. Italian and English are the languages that are available on this site.

One More Time Please
One More Time Please is a Masonic Ezine. This link will connect you directly to a collection of Masonic Articles that were published in it at one time. These articles are very well research and worthy of being read by all Freemasons.

Torrione Lodge of Research No. 34
Masonic Music, Links, Online Message Forum, and many Masonic Lectures is what this site is composed of. Torrione Castle Lodge of Research seems to take Freemasonry and their Website seriously.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem
This site has numerous papers that talk about the History of Jerusalem and Temple Mount, along with the problems locating the temple site, the location of the first and second temples, and the hidden secrets of the Temple Mount.

Adam's Quest (Reflections on metaphysics, science, religion and spirtuality)
This Site covers a multitude of topics thus far and looks to provide many more in the future. These topics range from directly Masonic in nature to dealing with our Kindred Sciences. Very well researched articles.

Masonic World
Many articles in three different languages are available to students of the craft. Also while you're there, you might want to take a few moments to subscribe to their newsletter. It's great!

Freemasonry in the Middle East
This rich article outlines the relationship and the history that the Masonic Fraternity has had in the Middle East.

Freemasonry in Jerusalem
This Paper is very detailed, organized, and extensive. It concerns The Origin and Fate of the Temples at Jerusalem.
This site includes: A Master Mason Dictionary, Graphics (CD and to download), Masonic Books, Past Master Education, Prince Hall information, Masonic Chatroom, Poems, and general information on Freemasonry and its members and more.

Alchemy - A Kindred Science to Freemasonry
50 megabytes (thousands of pages) of information on alchemy in all its facets. Divided into 1200 sections and providing thousands of pages of text, over 1500 images, 180 complete alchemical texts, extensive bibliographical material on the printed books and manuscripts, numerous articles, introductory and general reference material on alchemy.

Brother Tatenn Ra
Brother Tatenn Ra is the Thrice Potent Master of Solomon Lodge of Perfection #1 AASR, and member of Gibraltar Lodge #150 PHA Oklahoma City, OK. He provides us with Five (5) Short but very enlightening Lectures.

1st Masonic District of New Jersey Library
Their little Masonic library contains articles, references, and materials that they have read, written or benefitted from in our daily walks as a man, and as Freemasons.

Brother Dennis Stocks
A series of essays by Freemason Dennis Stocks concerning the history of Freemasonry, Anti-Freemasonry, Russian Freemasonry, and an indepth look at the Jack the Ripper murders.

Ancient, Earnest, Secret and Fraternal
A interesting article by Richard Brookhiser from Civilization Magazine, 1 Aug 1996.

The Order of the Temple
This short essay concerns the origin of Knight Templarism in Prince Hall Freemasonry, and it also has some interesting tid-bits about Templarism in general. This article was research by PEC James A. D. Grimes of Boone Commandery #27 PHA, Dayton, Ohio.

Nelson King, FPS
Nelson King is the Editor and Former President of The Philalethes Society. The link will connect you with some of his Papers and Essays concerning Freemasony.

Phylaxis Notes
Phylaxis notes are created by the Phylaxis Society and basically cover recent events that has occured in the craft. Enjoy!

America Online Masonic Homepage
Several different lectures, on a variety of topics.

Anti-Masonry Frequently Asked Questions
This site provides well founded rebuttles to just about all Anti-Masonic Statements & Articles that you can find on the internet, in books and journals. These Anti-Masonic Documents always prove to be "One-Sided" and very "Un-Researched".

Freemasonry Information Site
A very well compiled site. It gives several well documented lectures on a vast expanse of subjects about certain aspects in various Masonic Bodies.

The Gnosis Archive
Index of WWW Resources on Gnosticism and Religion. Very nice starting point for studies into our kindred sciences.

Masonic Wedding Ceremony
Delivered in the Victorian Lodge of Research by Kent Henderson, Past Grand Sword Bearer - on July 23 1993. When we add the word Masonic to the occasion, what emotions are then aroused? Incredulity mostly, I'd suggest. Most Masons, at least in this country, have never heard of such a thing. Indeed, most would immediately think - how could such be possible? Is not a wedding a religious occasion, and as such how can you have a Masonic wedding in our organization which is neither a religion or a substitute for a religion? Surely a wedding is for the church, not for the Masonic Temple?

Short Talk Bulletin
This page is linked from the North Carolina Grand Lodge Site. It has many short talks from the Masonic Service Association of North America, as well as some short talks from other sources. All of these short talks are well written and cover some fun Masonic topics.

Northwestern University 18th Century Studies
This site has a small series of papers that look at Freemasonry and more especially Freemasonry amongst Women.

Internet Sacred Text Archive
This site could easily answer or aid you in answering any question you may have about Traditional, Western or Eastern Religions. VERY INFORMATIONAL SITE!!!